The Little Mermaid Elaine

Dear Mother Earth,

I want to tell you a story of a woman who loves your ocean. Her name is Elaine.

The way she connects with you by swimming and surfing in your seas mirror an unconditional love that only comes from knowing what truly makes one happy. Sunlight catches on her skin making her glisten golden brown and when she smiles her eyes squint with such adoration for you that is highly contagious.

In her heart you are most precious as laughter brings delight in her numerous adventures. She is now teaching and showing others how to love you through surfing. Groups of people from around the world who were once strangers become friends as barriers are broken down once their toes touch your sands. And upon entering your waters they learn to swim with respect as it brings them ever closer to paradise.

Do you remember when I used to live near your shores in a distant land and how my tiny young body would swim to the furthest buoy as I overcame my fears of your waters? I feel that those who want to be with you are ones who slowly realise that you are untamable. The language in which you speak is unknowable yet when we listen to our hearts we speak to each other freely in your beauty. Is this what you mean by heaven on earth?

This is what Elaine reminds me of as your wind whispers softly in my heart. We have learned to love you in your oceans.

Abundantly blessed,


P.S. I was inspired to write a poem about her entitled Pocket Full of Ocean

I also learned more about Elaine Abonal on her website Surfista Travels Philippines

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