Pocket full of ocean

Photo by: Marjorie Gregorio

Photo by: Marjorie Gregorio

In the land of Milk and Honey
There lived a girl whose eyes mirrored sunsets
And adventures never ending imagination
Her skin was tanned from days spent in the sand
And her hair as black as depths of night

People gathered far and wide to visit the mystical child
Never before seeing a star shine so bright
As she played and swam in the ocean
Leaving butterfly kisses sparking lifelong friendships

Over the years travelling with her family
Handing out rainbows until one day
Returning to her motherland Pearl of the Orient Sea
She befriended a surfer who shared her love for nature
Especially their beloved ocean

Her friend reminded the girl of a time
Spent gathering pockets full of ocean
For castles and riding waves in the early morn
Feeling the breeze whispering moments gliding back to shore

Laughter filled the air and notes of crisp lapping waters
Sung in the moonlight exchanging pieces of forget-me-nots
With kindred spirits sharing heartfelt stories
Spun in golden threads of reality

Limitless boundaries linking differences respectfully
Waking dreams in learning the silence of patience
Before entering the ocean once again leaving only
A true self beholding life’s vulnerability.

♥ C.M.C

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