Pilipinas eyes of smiling hearts

★Tree of Life.♥C.M.C

★Tree of Life.♥C.M.C

Oh bright morning star
Perla del Mar Oriente –
Land of the pearl and seas
The eyes of smiling hearts

I long to see your highest peak bundok Apo
So I may listen to ancient tales of wisdom
Can you show me what Kalayaan means
When all I know—
Is how to consume your precious waters
Your golden mangoes

I used to wear a Bakya
So beautiful a sound it would make
As I ventured into the forest
Until one day the once emerald cover of the earth
Became barren
And our king of flight Haribon
Exiled to only a few islands
Where sanctuary his only cage
The last frontier

Patawarin mo ako
Por favor perdóname
Please forgive me

Each day I waste less
As I forage for food that heals me
I search for more Earth keepers
The Stardust warriors
Your garden nurturers
To learn from one another
And bring honour to our people—
To love my motherland once again.


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