Breathe your light♥C.M.C

Sometimes the universe inside my head needs to sit still
To leave my animal instincts behind and just breathe in mother nature.
When I do not move, I slowly arrive in my own equilibrium
And the closer I feel to being home once again.

I used to think that nothing would extinguish the shadow flames of hatred
Locked deep inside the roots of tortured desires,
And I admit I have chased after the supernovae of this realm
To erase the existence of memories stirring.

Yet barely a shimmer of life left in the sky—
did I remember who I was.
From the darkest existence did I remain glowing in blue flames.
Never wavering, forever silent.

Thrown deep within the Hidden Forest of Illusions,
There I was surrounded by the guardians of darkness ready to consume my sacred light;
The fight for me was all I ever known.

That one glint of faith in my spirit had struck at the core of nothingness
And each step I took another minion would befall in front of me.
Slowly I battled what felt like eternity,
And I would stand motionless in between struggles—
All this to keep my light radiating.

For one day is all it takes to just breathe.


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