Upcycling a new way of thinking

Learning how to love mother earth

Dear Mother Earth,

A month ago I asked a mother of two young children “What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word eco-friendly?” In which she paused and candidly replied, “Well if I have to think about it then I guess not much.” A work-at-home mom with her own business, educated and well travelled has openly admitted her opinion. Which led me to think that as much as the going green movement has made waves, there are still many who have yet to make a conscious consumer choice.

We are bombarded with messages of going green, be eco-friendly, go organic, save mother earth, reduce, reuse, recycle, and the list goes on. But how many people really care around the world. Statistics are showing data which countries are the greenest and that we are collaborating in making efforts. But if a mother of two children reflected any sort of truth in how much a Filipina woman really thought about the environment then does it mean that in their eyes you, Mother Earth are at the bottom of people’s priority, well at least hers. Everyone has their own way of living. So I ask myself, how can we make you more appealing? I am still working on that.

I started looking around my flat to see how many products have accumulated over the years and realised most of the stuff made are, plastic. The worst being those one-time use kind of plastics. And when I researched on how many bottles ended up in a landfill and how many are actually recycled, it was quite a shock to see images posted all around the web. I’ve been aware of plastic invasion in our daily lives, but didn’t think how misleading those little triangular recycled signs really meant. So why do we continue to put our  environment in the back of our minds despite knowing such dire consequences? In my opinion it all boils down to money. Being eco-friendly in the Philippines is still expensive to most people but is the cheaper alternative better? Is it safer?

Most plastics are not recycled. Even recyclable plastics are still not 100% recycled. Yes scientists are creating new alternatives. But looking at our local supermarkets, most products are made of plastic. It’s convenient. It’s the cheaper alternative. It’s what people want. It’s what they will pay for.

The interesting thing about supply and demand is that if people actually did some fact-finding research and sat down with their families to understand the information you would think it would create a better buying decision. Sadly, given the information it’s still not enough to want to make a mother of two purchase the greener alternative.

So this is my personal mission, my personal story, my way of learning to love you, Mother Earth more by making conscious choices in the products that I buy. I write poems in honour of you to understand myself and maybe no one wants to read my poetry maybe they do, all I know is, this is how I feel.

Abundantly blessed,


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