★Walking in someone's shoes.♥C.M.C

★Walking in someone’s shoes.♥C.M.C

Sometimes Mommy would scold me

Saying I was naughty and not kind

I did not understand what it meant

So I kept thinking everything was fine

She told me to be nicer

She told me to be good

Go see a new world, she said

Do this by using your cute little head

Walk in someone else’s shoes

And that could be your first clue

Ok, I replied

I sat there blinking thinking quietly on my bed

I think my mind was too small too narrow

Because I kept wriggling my toes instead

When she came back to the room

I said, Mama, I cannot imagine myself in another

My feet are too tiny and your shoes are too big

I tried on your high heels and put on a wig

My thinking cap did imagine

If all this was true and so I realise

I am me and you are you

We can never be the same

Always a little different

But with respect and a big heart

That could be our start—

Of a beautiful journey

Learning and sharing is our key.


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