Jaded Blinds

Jaded blinds relieve guilt from overwhelming truths
Filtering shades as tiny grubby fingers approach from shameless hunger
A walker shoos them away without a glance
As metallic ice resolves the hardened heart to march on
The child whimpers silently on a dampened sewage boulevard –
No one listens to her suffering.

She wipes her weary eyes watching
Jewel encrusted ladies clickity clack on Five inch heels
With heavenly silhouettes enticing Jupiter’s passions
For an evening in carnal pleasures
That fade away Monday Friday labour blues.

Tainted cherub runs besides them smiling
Her gaunt arms outstretched begging voiceless gestures
Repulsive caustic masks unhinge synthetic Zircons
As they huff and puff little princess away.

Empty handed she rests on sidewalk divine
Shortly after another group of dainties pass her by
No qualms in their footsteps save one who halted
Turning around then crouching down
The woman asks, “What’s your name little angel?”
She looks up and opens her mouth but no sound comes out
“Where’s your mama tonight sweetie?”
Little angel shrugs and rubs her tummy
“Let’s see what we can do about that rumbling belly.”

Tonight little angel finds no hunger
She sleeps on a mattress with other little angels
In an orphanage where sunny dispositions
Prevail over visors galore one day at a time.
How many more little angels do you see…
Will you help if you can or will you idly walk on by…
You cannot save them all but YOU CAN HELP.
All it takes is one.


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