International Earth Day: Mother Earth Divine

★A secret moment with mother nature.♥C.M.C


We honour you Sacred Mother Earth for nurturing our being

The trees of life bestowed upon us bring shelter—

A loving home and a future for our families.

We gather far and wide to remind ourselves

To take responsibility for our actions

And we Thank You

For showing us the consequences we must face.

From north, south, east to west

You silently watch us burn your trees to fan our flames of desire

As we reason a need and want of tools for survival

We adorn your precious metals in hopes of raising our value

And walk around leaving trails of litter

Dusting the earth like naughty children

We are guilty of many things as is our way

Please forgive us.

One by one we are awakening

Within our compass building rainbows of flight

You are the beacon of Earth, Fire, Metal, Wind and Wood

The Starlight, our Guiding Light—

Can you see your children shining,

Their heart’s of purity and laughing smiles?

We seek those who are willing

Are able and true

Their eyes a reflection

A mirror of You

A humble beginning

Living the dream

We always knew


Inside our very soul, mind and body

Each of us linked together we stand

One small step and two makes walking

Pushing forward the reality of now

And collectively brand us

Earth keepers

Stardust warriors

Loving mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters

One Earth, One Sky,

One Moon, One Sun,

 One Spirit, One Heart,

One Love, One Light.

We are FAMILY.


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