Eco Innovation: Grind that coffee and unleash your artistic self

“As tribute to Benguet coffee farmers and environment, art from ground coffee” Photo by: Ace Alegre

I was inspired to see coffee in a different light when I read an article about an innovative Filipino environmentalist and artist, Vincent Navarro for his unique use of ground coffee as a medium. His art work pays homage to Benguet farmers who are deeply rooted in Philippine history for their coffee.

He started experimenting with alternative uses for recycling coffee ground from his growing awareness of Baguio city’s waste accumulation and ‘trash-slide’ incident last year. This paved the way for his 2×2 foot canvas consisting of ten-faced Benguet farmers as a collection of expression in environmental art. In this case ecoart. The message he evoked represented—a reduce waste by recycling tone, as well as honouring the Benguet farmer community.

It is without a doubt our curiosity that drives innovation forward. And the great thing about that is our active participation in helping to break its limit. People are fascinating when they find their passion—an important word globally accepted as a social norm for living with meaning. And what is it about wanting to find meaning from the mundane ordinary robotic activities we do on a daily basis that sparks a necessity within?

Desire. Our heart’s desire to want and feel connected to something. And not just anything but something that holds a special link to our being—because when we find it our world becomes extraordinary. It becomes magical and full of possibilities. I definitely have this innate belief that humanity is striving for a better world.

Here is an activity you can try later on after reading. Think of how many ways you can use your coffee ground. Time yourself for ten minutes and see how many ideas you come up with. Then search online and read how many other alternatives there are.

Curiosity and ingenuity will allow your imagination to shine. I did a similar exercise and got up to twenty-one ideas. I bet you could do better.

The point is, we are driven to find solutions.

So if you are one of the millions of coffee aficionados out there, then hold on to your beans, more specifically your coffee grounds.

Unleash your artistic self and find ways to create something beautiful for you, your family, your community.



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