★Fairy lights, dreams and romance. ♥C.M.C

★Fairy lights, dreams and romance. ♥C.M.C

Floating on a restaurant ceiling

Fairy lights and lanterns gild the air

Clear glass bottles strung one by one

With such tender loving care

That sparked a warm and safe feeling;

Of a magical home away from home.

As I patiently waited for my food to be ready

My mind wandered about glasses and plenty

Where did it come from and how was it made

So on the phone I clicked and searched on Google

Piqued by curiosity of everything and nothing

Little by little the unknown started to fade

It is my love of learning as there are treasures of ‘some-things’

Small things, big things, mysterious things

The linking of a whole LOT OF THINGS

To acquire a culture of knowledge—

I can make things better for my future family

Best I start now by visiting the cyber library.

The ingredients for glass making consists of three

Earthly elements of Limestone, Sand and soda ash

Are mixed and melted together

In a fiery furnace

Becoming glowing ‘gobs’ of molten glass

And air filled into a mould

A ‘parison’, a semi-shaped bottle

Blown with air a second time by a ‘blow mould’

All are gently placed on a ‘dead plate’

Where machines propel gentle winds

For cooling down the gleaming glass

The final coats of material are placed for strengthening

And there you have it

A beautiful product.

Now armed with these facts

The ideas started to tinker

Creating a mind-map of more questions

And questions to questions.

What happens now to used bottles and glasses?

Bottles collected and separated they are

Into three main colours

Clear, Amber and Green

On their way to manufacturing plants

Where stickers and contaminants are removed

They are cleaned and primed for their next adventure

Ready to be crushed glass

These ‘Cullets’ you call them are mixed with other raw materials

Thus begins another process to be made into shiny new bottles.




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