Desert Rose

From your eyes I can feel where you want to go.
For I have flown to remote constellations to see you once again.

Through space and time I travel whispering softly into your waking dreams.

There is nothing that I would not do to cast the shadows away from here.

Do you recall when we first met in the desert so long ago,

as you searched endlessly for the compass you once lost.

It was your calling and the sorrow in your being that guided my spirit to you.

Over the centuries we gathered our energies and intertwined our memories

from the nothingness of our beings.

Shattered and torn you were at the anger in your soul

Tormented by a haunting of emptiness without a beginning or end.

And there you were lost without hope,

full of remorse and regret.

Your silent tears is what I remember most.

The inner child of purity slowly decaying amongst the living dead.

This is when the universe sends me forth to you as I have done for countless others.

Let us take a breath of imagination into a world of rising suns.

Drink the water from the oasis of the desert to fill your soul with a new awakening.

Recapture the essence of the purpose of being.

Be here with me now as I point to the stars as a guide in your journey.

It is within you will the path open wide.

And when you feel the mists of doubts have cleared the valley,

take with you the light that you found in the desert.

Move forward and remember what you have learned.

For every moment of solitude a revelation shall appear before you

as you have FINALLY let go and set your spirit free.


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